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Kicking Horse Coffee – Grizzly Claw Dark Roast & Three Sisters Medium | S1E2

[Music] everybody Rick Anderson goes to 11 media today we are back we made it through
another week I’m joined with my spouse Paula hi everyone what’s good week yeah do you notice that hesitation it was
another week another day in paradise so yeah listen another week done and we are back to do another coffee review for
you guys for our grounds for divorce segment and we’re really enjoying doing this and apparently you guys aren’t
going watching them as well so thank you very much for your support today we’re gonna feature a really cool company
called kicking the horse coffee from Invermere British Columbia good people up there Sheena thank you so much for
sending us the the coffee they’re much appreciated we’re really looking forward to trainees we’re gonna try some
different ones of theirs today what do you got on the brew here for us today well we have three sisters which claims
to be smooth savory and seductive with notes of sweet dried fruit toasted coconut and chocolate malt so it’s a
medium roast whereas the grizzly claw is a dark chocolate brown sugar and roasted hazelnut she didn’t have been on memory
she’s reading the cue cards so I let her do it anyways we’ve got some good stuff on tap here so let’s let’s see what we
got to go first now which one would you say there’s probably certain with the lighter roast I would think probably
yeah alright alright so kicking horse started back in 1996 and I actually discovered
their coffee in 2010 and three sisters is the one that at that time I tried and actually liked very much so I haven’t
tried it in a little bit so we will try it in today alright so which one we gonna start with we gonna start with the
the pour-over what would you like to do first let’s do the pourer alright alright take yours now the one
thing that I forgot to bring on set today is I forgot to grab a napkin so if I get the frothy mouth like I did a
thing for a crop crawl segment one time and it was a great interview and I didn’t notice that I had the foam from
the beer and like mustache I looked like a mad dog every time you took a swig oh yeah every time yeah this is really good
very well balanced mm-hmm very nice I could drink that straight again straight coffee is not my jam I’m
like really admit it but actually I’m surprised that I’m not kind of going because usually that’s what black coffee
has a tendency to do for me that is it’s it’s a very nice blend actually very nice so this has been my go-to alright
but now are we gonna go to I think what we’ll do is work through the sisters thinker do you want to compare no I want
to compare the two bruised together alright listen up all right don’t be soft
oh that’s a rich it’s definitely a darker roast it’s definitely deep body yeah
full body I should say but it’s not it’s still it’s not better it’s not bitter no that’s the thing that’s a relief for me
because as they say my dad used to drink coffee that I mean I can remember growing up and being Norwegian my dad
would drink it by the thoughtful and I couldn’t handle it and you know it used to give me about time so what kind of
Norwegian are you in I’m like caffeine free I guess but I honestly when you get into these different coffees it’s like
the craft beers right you get into these different ones and they get all these different flavors it’s nice because I
remember my dad died me he’s a staple and her host was named up me Bob coffee beans the grass yeah and it was already
pre ground and he just loved that song yeah and lots of saturated milk yeah they’re both awesome totally
different flavors but let’s jump into the lodge they’re really good to do okay having had we actually both haven’t had
caffeine in about two days I don’t know how we made it let me tell you I’ve been craving
I am so enjoying this apparently because she’s not even setting it over lately it’s very good it’s a very smooth mmm no
did you use the neutral for this right I did I used that non-dairy moment thirds lactose geez
good lord lactose free that’s right roll 3.25% act there we go there’s rich and creamy it’s almost like
a dessert we notice sure yeah that’s spectacular love it alright let’s dive into the grisly here go for it
you like my artwork today yes I tried cutaway answer that no-win situation answering that question
incorrectly would be grounds for divorce you know what that one was good I really like this one this is this is the grisly
right that packs more of a coffee punch yeah but it’s time you learn roast so if you like that well roasted you know one
of the things that I would be interesting to know is I’ve never found out how they can determine percentages
of caffeine and stuff have you ever come across that right because you know how you can get like different percentage of
alcohols or you can get different intensities of hot for peppers no I did come across some charts yeah so like the
blonde has more like a blonde roast has more caffeine than medium and medium has more caffeine it’d be interesting to
know if they have a scale though I get a number steel that’s all well you know what we’ll find that out for you
okay yeah you will attack you later so let’s try the know this is going into the ice and that was what one was that
was the sisters again right yeah we just said it’s really good just go for it I’ve actually had the cliffhanger the
espresso roast which is very good I’ve also tried the half-ass which is also pretty charcoal good for half-caf and
I’ve even tried the decaf the Swiss water decaffeinated coffee by kicking horse and it’s really good it actually
has flavor to it cuz a lot of decaf coffees that you buy with the chemical decaffeinated process
removes a lot of the flavor but with the Swiss water decaf process um it retains a lot of the flavor it’s really awesome
I mean a little known fact that Paula just to let you know there that the Swiss water process is done here in
Burnaby BC that’s right apparently the only Swiss water D caffeine Retief processing facility is located to
you in British Columbia yeah so that’s kind of cool all right I’m going to give this a go good memory
well I wasn’t me click clean wound oh okay who’s that this is like we talked about these being
like desert this is almost like you just went to Dairy Queen or something yeah oh yeah that’s so good oh my goodness um I
use the soy so the soy brings a little hint of sweet to it mm-hmm but it just honestly when you go from having like
the black coffee to the latte you get that creamier and then you go to this this is literally to me like we just
were jumping into like a dessert treat mm-hmm good well okay that’s good it’s got vanilla in it yeah that’s
spectacular so guys just to sum up for you the kicking horse coffee you can order
online and right now with this whole coca de 19 they don’t have it their offices open as far as the coffee shop I
think they had a coffee shop or something up there in Invermere but they’re this kind of taken a bit of a
break right now but the coffee is still available in retail locations and I believe you can order it on their
website as well but definitely worthwhile checking out and again thank you she don’t really appreciate the
opportunity to review these awesome job on your coffee you guys and what we gonna do next week do think I know
mystery you’ll have to tune in next week I don’t it’s a good one though it’s a good one
can I guess yeah you can guess was it when you mentioned today yeah 49th parallel no oh cool addictions no you’re
sending all these names up there and I don’t even have beans for those guys if you’re watching I need your beans okay
will be a surprise for me too all right everybody thanks so much for tuning in we will see you next week for
a grounds for divorce for another segment take care have a good week [Music]

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