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Spirit Bear Coffee – Eagle Med Roast & Dolphin Swiss Decaf | S1E3

[Music] everybody Rick Peterson here goes to eleven media welcome back to another
segment of grounds for divorce I am joined by my lovely wife Oh what are you doing great how are you okay we’re we
survived a week into the easing of restrictions for this crazy pandemic situation yeah it uh I would like to say
that it’s calmed my nerves but it hasn’t it actually I’m probably needing to switch to decaf all the time because I’m
stressing out so so listen I’m excited about today’s episode not that we weren’t excited what all other ones but
this one really spoke to my heart and my connection that I have with First Nations people I love the First Nations
people and the culture it’s it’s amazing to me and they you’ve probably seen in many of my segments that I have I always
wear my Silver Eagle bracelets which is hand-carved and I just love it found this coffee company in Port
Coquitlam British Columbia called spirit bear coffee company and they’re amazing the the owners in that and the people
work there Paul and all the rest of his team superb people you’ve done some research
on them want to tell us a few things that you found everyone uh well they started their company back in 2006 and
they support many agencies in their community one of which is the snot bond the sniper
yes yes that’s what I wanted to talk to you it’s really interesting no they sent us a huge gift box with what was it six
different coffees that I care less so and two mugs I love these monks by the way guys thank
you very much the we’re gonna break that into three episodes because there’s too much to do six different coffees all on
one episode of you half an hour line you guys have paid us so we’re gonna do three brief segments but what I wanted
to talk to you but real quickly was this snot button put it up on the graphics here behind me
and what it is is that it’s a drone and you guys know through our segments we do a lot of drone videography so that they
have helped fund that basically does testing of whales health etc and the environment and what it does is it flies
remotely keeps away from the whales does not harass the whales but when the whale comes up and exhales and does its blow
smoke if they fly the the drone through that and it basically collects a sample and so they call it the snot buck
because it’s exhaling I thought it was pretty darn clever so well done guys and gals that’s a we have looking after
environment getting to their coffee here let’s get on the road to some caffeine and some be caffeine what do you got for
us here we are trying to medium roasts one is the Raven nope sorry eagle and then I’ve got the dolphin which is the
Swiss water decal medium roast yes so I thought it’d be kind of cool to try you the two mediums of one being a regular
and the other being a decaf mm-hmm let’s see what flavors happen miss it’s gonna be interesting to see so you’ve gotten
the stir with the pour over so let me try yours first unless lace mm-hmm different flavor
notes in there it is it feels to me like it’s a medium but it almost has a pitch of a darker to it you understand what
I’m saying it’s it’s not a dark horse by any means but it definitely has some flavor notes in it that I’m getting that
have a little bit more of the darker flavors but very nice well-balanced coffee mm-hmm no this is a decal frame
straight on correct I’m curious to see how the Swiss water decal process affects it or doesn’t affect it see I’m
shaking it’s crazy by the time we get it to my mouth there’s three drops well that’s really
nice mm-hmm that’s really nice I like that that’s a flavor lots of flavor I always get concerned that the decals the
flavor and if anything I would say that it has a little bit more of a more rounded end note mm-hmm this one here
that the flavors are superb but it has a little bit more of an edge to it where this is just a little bit more of a
smoother note to it I feel do it and I find just my taste buds because everybody’s taste buds are different so
just because one person likes a particular flavor type and not the next person might not like it but I find that
this one almost has a bit more fruitiness to it like it’s light I like it a lot lots of flavor and again as
I’ve said to you guys before that straight up coffee black as a pour-over it’s not my go to jam for brightening
means and I’m big in this yeah I think with coffee you should taste it black you really should
you should try to enjoy it black and taste all the different notes and then if you want your coffee to have the
cream and sugar be nice and sweet then you can do that afterwards but it’s always nice to sample a coffee prior but
that’s no different to me than even when I cook I mean I love to do a lot of cooking and I don’t heavily salt my food
when I’m cooking it and I tell people is that if you want salt have and here’s the salt shaker going nuts afterwards
I’ve put a dash of salt in to obviously give it some flavor but yeah once you add you can’t take it out and the same
thing when you’re adding to the coffees you’re not really getting the ability to try it without so try it straight first
see what you think it’s not for everybody obviously if I’m gonna drink something more straight like that would
be tea scotch just sayin so a shout out to Jessica Whitworth through and mobile needs a
very so yeah scotch what’s going to throw the they’ll want to hear him these are delicious like this yeah
the decaf definitely to me has more of a fruity mmm-hmm mmm-hmm the more I try it that’s really Pleasant very tasty
I like your artwork you’ve done it today oh you noticed you know it’s it’s it’s that whole thing of sometimes less is
more there’s a lot going on there well you’ve never cared for my artwork so I just
held back the foam and then just don’t know this is really good my goodness no we are obviously using again we’re using
the natural with is it the 2.5 3.2 5.25 creamy rich that’s awesome
you guys I mean we don’t sell them that troll and I don’t know if it’s available in your area but if it is you got to try
it because it is really an exceptionally well balanced it doesn’t cause any issues for the lactose and people like
myself so great way to have it now we’re gonna go in for this this one was the Orca rate or dolphin dolphin um so we’re
gonna get a dolphin at right here they do have an American one though you laugh but they do have work Raven and ribbit
there’s a difference between a whale and a bird I guess I wasn’t following you will serve her up the blonde coffee next
story to all blondes over very nice mm-hmm either one of those like you know what
honestly you I you can’t tell it’s decaf mm-hmm right you can tell it’s you know one of
the things for me is that usually you know follow should be like late afternoon you want to go on a coffee and
I’m late it’s about 4 o’clock 4 o’clock sort of my cutoff time that’s the witching hour for me for any later than
that if I have caffeine that’s the decals what’s going on over there like be in the rapping hey that was
funny what’s he gonna see there I was rudely interrupted it was pretty funny glistening done
glistening I am anyways guys I’ve never say to you that you can have this decaf not even really realizing that it was a
decaf coffee the flavor is really full just beautiful flavor in that inner you can have that as if you wanted a coffee
flavor you know without the caffeine effects so well done on that guys and again we’re gonna put the link for their
website on here check them out they got some awesome stuff and we love these guys they’re really really community
oriented and supporting the environments just an all-around wonderful company so thank you so much for your support thank
you for making the coffee’s we will be back next week with another installment for girls for divorce thanks a lot take
care we’ll talk to you soon take care everyone bye everybody thanks for watching we
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